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Meet The Founder

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"We believe in your vision and will do everything to bring it to life.
With our expertise your event/wedding will have a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.
An experience that will not be forgotten by you and your guests."

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Geraldine Agyin 

Here’s a little background of me and how I started my journey as an event planner. My mom used to celebrate every holiday. Yes, in our household we never skipped Christmas, the New Years, and birthdays. During these celebrations my mom would organise the most extravagant parties with good music, a lot of food and drinks. This is how I fell in love with organizing. People were truly excited to come every year knowing it would be a great experience. Starting Adore dc events I wanted to share this experience.

I have a master’s in Finance and work in the Finance reporting field. Yes, working with numbers is definitely my thing. Therefore one of my task is keeping track of your budget and making sure it’s in line with your overall budget. Because remember even Warren Buffet has a budget.

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